Triple P Parenting

The Triple P Seminar Series is back! *This is the second of the three seminars in the series. Information for future seminars will be discussed at the presentation.
Please register by April 01, 2013, on-site registration will also be available. If you are interested in more information regarding the Triple P program, please contact Sheree Tarver at 504-393-5750 or, or visit

The seminar will focus on emotional and social skills children need to thrive at home, school, and in the community. Seminar participants will learn ways to help children: Learn to treat others with respect, Be considerate, Have good communication and social skills, Develop healthy self-esteem, Become good problem solvers, and Become independent.

Please download the flyers below:

Download “Raising Confident, Competent Children” 

Download “Power of Positive Parenting”

Download “Raising Resilient Children”

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