Project L.E.A.D. Mock Trials 2013

Students from Belle Chasse Middle School learned about the judicial system by staging a mock trial involving a fictitious character bringing drugs on school grounds. Presiding over the mock trials were 25th Judicial District Court Judge Kevin Conner on May 15th and Judge Michael Clement on May 6th.

The trials took place in a real courtroom, placed students as the defendant, defense attorneys, prosecutor, witnesses, victim, bailiff, court reporter and jurors.

The goal of Project L. E. A. D. (Legal Enrichment and Decision – making) is to help students recognize and consider possible consequences of difficult decisions faced during adolescence and beyond. The program focuses on peer pressure, responsibility, self-respect, self-control and self-esteem and teaches the students how to avoid many choices that often lead to delinquent conduct and/or criminal activity.

Project L.E.A.D. is taught to all fifth graders in Plaquemines Parish by one of the Assistant District Attorneys in the District Attorney’s Office. Topics include Drinking and Driving, Boating Safety, Internet Safety, Four Wheeling, Dating Violence, Bullying, Vandalism, Truancy and Gun Safety.

Photo of Judge Michael Clement Mock Trial on May 6, 2013

Judge Michael Clement – May 6, 2013

Photo of Judge Kevin Conner on May 15, 2013

Judge Kevin Conner – May 15, 2013


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