It’s National Drug Court Month!

It’s National Drug Court Month! Our court is saving lives and reducing crime by offering evidence-based accountability and treatment to people struggling with substance use and mental health disorders.
As part of National Drug Court Month, the 25th JDC Adult Drug Court is joining nearly 3,200 other programs across the country to advance a smart-on-crime approach to justice. Instead of locking people away, we return them to the community as healthy, employed, tax-paying parents, friends and neighbors.
The 25th JDC Adult Drug Court opened its doors in November 2009. Participants must meet their obligation to themselves, their families and society. They are regularly and randomly tested for drug use, required to appear frequently in court for the judge to review their progress, rewarded for doing well and sanctioned for not living up to their obligations.
The Honorable Judge Kevin D. Conner, Adult Drug Court Judge, stated “Since the establishment of the 25th JDC Drug Court in November of 2009, this Court has witnessed the positive changes in the lives of the clients in the Drug Court Program. Drug Courts Work! The program saves tax-payer’s money and provides hope toward a better life for those clients who would ordinarily be serving time behind bars. The statistics on the success of the Drug Court Programs nation-wide speak for themselves.”
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