The following forms may be obtained from the Clerk of Court’s Office:

Pro Se

  • Request for Hearing
  • Answer
  • Appeal from Justice of the Peace Court

Self-represented Litigants can access the following forms and legal information through the 25th JDC’s Online Self Help Center at

  • Rule to Modify Child Support
  • Rule for Contempt in Child Support matters
  • Motion & Order to Continue in a Civil Case
  • Rule for Contempt in Civil matters
  • Motion to Disburse Concursus Funds
  • Motion & Order to Continue in a Criminal Case
  • Rule for Contempt in Criminal matters
  • Motion to Waive, Enter a Plea of Not Guilty and Set for Trial in Criminal matters
  • Petition to Establish Custody
  • Rule to Modify Custody
  • Provisional Custody by Mandate
  • Petition for Voluntary Transfer of Custody
  • Rule for Contempt in Custody matters
  • Petition for 103 Divorce (with and without children under 18)
  • In Forma Pauperis application
  • Name Change (adult and minor)

Protective Orders

Protective order forms can be obtained from the Clerk of Court’s office.  Please consider the time when planning to pick up these forms and fill them out.  It usually takes thirty (30) minutes to an hour to complete the forms, the case must be allotted to a division, a judge must sign the order and the courthouse closes for business at 4:30 p.m.  Please visit for Louisiana Protective Order Registry (LPOR) information.